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Petition for the formation of a Pittsford Central School District Sustainable Committee 

​Climate change is an unprecedented challenge of our time.  Finding workable solutions requires communities to think creatively and work collaboratively.  One way our Pittsford community can move toward a more sustainable future is through the establishment of a Pittsford Central School District Sustainability Committee (“District Sustainability Committee”).  


A District Sustainability Committee composed of students, administrators, member(s) of the Board of Education, educators, and Pittsford community members and parents with expertise on these issues could oversee various initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our schools.  Specifically, a District Sustainability Committee could 1) conduct a greenhouse gas inventory of the school district; 2) develop a sustainability plan; and 3) identify funding and technical resources to ensure effective implementation.  


As Pittsford residents who are concerned about climate change and the need to act now, we ask the Board of Education to prioritize this issue by establishing a District Sustainability Committee.  

If you agree with our efforts and want the school district to make more sustainable action and create a sustainability committee, please add your name in support!

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