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Sustainable Schools

The Goal:  

To promote environmental sustainability in the Pittsford School District. We believe the best way to do this is for the district to establish a sustainability committee composed of students, administrators, members of the Board of Education, educators, and parents with expertise in theses issues.  This sustainability board would identify, develop, coordinate, and help implement various goals and help the district lower their environmental impact.

Why is this important?
The climate crisis is something we cannot ignore and it is important for our children to be learning about important practices to live a sustainable life.  This can be everything from learning in a building with clean heating and cooling and LED lights to actively taking part in native pollinator gardens and composting lunch-time food waste. Also critical is that students see that their school district is taking bold action to adapt to and mitigate climate change!

Current Campaigns

  1. District Sustainability Committee: We have officially submitted a statement to the school board calling for them to establish a Sustainability Committee.  If you agree and support this, please sign our petition to show your support!

   2.  Composting in the cafeterias:  We are currently working on the approval to start a composting             program in one school as a pilot program.

   3.  Native Pollinator Gardens: We are encouraging every school to continue developing their pollinator gardens, and also incorporate them into curricular activities.

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