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Clean Heating & Cooling

The town, country, and world have ambitious and vital goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil-fuel burning methods of heating and cooling buildings are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. There’s no doubt it will be a major job to convert all buildings from fossil fuel to electric at the scale needed to lessen the negative impacts of climate change. 


The good news? We have the technology: electric heat pumps! 


Why consider heat pumps for your home?

  • By converting to electric heat pumps (and including them in all new construction and renovations), you can improve indoor air quality, save money on home energy bills, and reduce negative environmental impacts.

  • What’s more, federal and state incentives are available to help homeowners pay for conversion to heat pumps.


Want to learn more?

  • The town of Pittsford, AMPED (formerly HeatSmart Finger Lakes) and Color Pittsford Green have joined together to inform residents about the benefits of electric heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water. Learn more about this campaign -  HeatSmart Pittsford


Electric and Induction Stoves

Watch for info, coming soon.


Electric Vehicles

Watch for info, coming soon.


Solar Energy

Watch for info, coming soon.

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