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Electric School Buses:

Why Electric School Buses?

  • Reduced emissions & health risks:

    • Zero emission vehicle with 70% renewable RG&E electricity vs. COx, NOx & particulate emissions.

  • Safety, maintenance and fuel-cost advantages:

    • Low risk of roll-overs due to low center of gravity (batteries along bottom of bus).

    • Greatly reduced number of moving parts (~20 compared to 2000+ for internal combustion engines).

    • 50% reduction in fuel cost with current 70% renewable energy RG&E electric grid.

  • Provide mobile emergency energy source for resiliency hubs:

    • Electric school buses can provide emergency power for a school or recreation center during a grid outage.

  • Critical timeline for greenhouse gas emissions reduction:
    - Narrowing window to avert the worst of the future climate crises (IPCC).

How to Adopt Electric School Buses:

Articles and Press Releases:


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